Welcome to the Maricopa County Democratic Party

Regional MCDP Offices

Getting involved in Democratic politics has never been easier or more convenient. Now there are two regional offices for you to get information about our candidates or volunteer to help build our Democratic majority. Call the office nearest you today!

East Valley

Phone: (480) 924-DEMS (3367)
Office Hours: M, T, & TH: 10AM to 4PM
Wed. 2:00 - 9:00
Fri. & Sat. 10:00am - 2:00pm

West Valley

Phone: (623) 249-7407
Office hours: 10AM to 5PM

Not Just Anyone Wears the New MCDP T-Shirt!

Our MCDP t-shirt is becoming the hip thing to wear. Not only did movie director Michael Moore don an autographed copy, Jeff "the Dude" Dowd (the basis for the lead character in "The Big Lebowski"), and Arizona State Democratic Party Chairman Don Bivens have one. Even presidential candidates like Barack Obama have them (actually, he has two, which he wears jogging).

Go ahead and show your colors! If you have a good photo wearing your MCDP t-shirt, send it to us and we'll post them along the celebrities!

If you would like to get your own MCDP t-shirt, contact your district chairperson (see the Legislative District links in the left menus) or call our office at 602.298.0503. They're only $15 and are available is S, M, L, XL and XXL. All proceeds go to the MCDP and help elect Democrats to all public offices in Maricopa County.

Democrats: Get Politically Involved Today!

National politics and issues aren't the only thing Democrats need to be concerned about. With the state legislature in session, it is important that all of our elected officials hear what Democrats have to say on the issues. Fortunately, the legislature provides several ways for citizens to monitor and comment on legislation, schedule to testify on bills, and track a bills progress through both houses of the legislature. This is your chance to make a difference. Call our office at 602.298.0503 or send an email to info@maricopademocrat.com to learn how!

Support The Maricopa County Democratic Party

Winning elections aren't cheap and the coming elections are going to be some of the most expensive in history. If Democrats are going to take back the Arizona House of Representatives we need the resources to get our message out to the voting public and to register as many new Democrats as possible. That means money, time, expertise and voter outreach.Make sure you volunteer your time like our fellow Tuscon DUI Lawyers, Scottsdale DUI Lawyers, Tempe DUI Lawyers, DUI Attorneys Phoenix, Mesa DUI Lawyers, and DUI Lawyers in Arizona

    1. How much money can I contribute to Federal candidates?
    2. How much can I contribute to local, county, state candidates or political parties?
    3. How do I contribute money to the MCDP online?
    4. How do I volunteer time or expertise?
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